BONA magazine takes credit for our work

In May 2014 we received a call from one of our clients, requesting a media portrait. Our client was going to be featured in BONA magazine and needed a professional, full-length portrait that was going to be used as part of the feature article.


After a pre-shoot consultation, we were ready to capture her all-important portrait. When she arrived we started with her make-up and then it was lights, camera, action!


It was very important that we captured her true essence, personality and personal style for this article – since the article profiled her life and career success. The make-up was purposely done to look as natural as possible but still highlighting her eyes. The hue chosen for lips was natural but fresh. A natural in front of the camera, we were able to wrap up the photo shoot within an hour. Our client was very excited about the outcome – we had numerous great shots to choose from for her article.


When that issue of BONA magazine hit the news-stands in May, we were delighted to see that not only had our portrait been used, but the magazine had taken credit for it. I thought, “Wow, so it looks like they really liked it”. We took it as the highest form of praise for our work!


We contacted BONA magazine, to bring the issue of credits to their attention and received a speedy and satisfactory solution from BONA magazine editor, Linda Mali.


Dear Puso,


I hope you’re well. Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. I must apologise for this oversight; there was a last minute request to replace the image and in doing so the credit information was not updated before we went to print.


Thank you for granting permission to use the portrait, to make amends we would like to publish the article on our website featuring the image with the correct credits in a visible position. We’re unfortunately unable to correct the printed version.


Please advise if the above is in order.


Best regards

Linda Mali| EDITOR
BONA Magazine


Although it was too late to make changes to the printed article, our work was featured (correctly credit to Ofensay Photography and Events) in the online issue of BONA magazine.

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